Vintage personalized plate

Generation Pin-up is pleased to introduce its newest concept of creating original, completely new, that will upset your mood deco and revolutionize your gift ideas: the plate vintage scripted in your likeness (or to that of one or girlfriend if you wish…).

The principle is simple. You provide us with one or several pictures of you American plan (i.e. from head to waist in a standing position), or to a picture where you are sitting or kneeling in the proposed scenario. Given the dimensions of the plate, this type of framing has the best format for maximum optimization of the resolution. It is indeed necessary that the Visual is enough close-up for the final definition, aesthetics and rendering “oil painting” are optimized.

The photo must be in RAW format or have a minimum resolution of 3500 pixels. Of course, if many pictures are available, we will choose with you that will be used for the realization of the plate.

You have the possibility of having jointly on the same Visual picture of two people next to the other. The display will be presented in horizontal format on the plate.

Then we choose together a theme that is dear to you, makes you happy or inspires you. Then we invent and create a “true/false” pub in relation to the theme you have chosen (dream activity, passion, sport, etc.). The final objective is of course to get a, décor and/or an expression in line with the chosen theme.

The price of this original personalized license plate is €80,00 TTC. The impression of the Visual and the plate production time is 15 to 30 days.

With an agreement materialized by a transfer of rights to the image document signed between Generation Pin-up and yourself, your personalized license plate will be drawn in several copies and distributed “exclusively” on the webshop of Generation Pin-up at the rate €14.95 TTC. Your friends or relations will gain and a souvenir you unique, original, funny but especially

The design and manufacture of the plate will not start only after payment is received and validated by our services of the purchase order and the assignment of rights to the image document signed by your care.

At the end of the fifteen or thirty days for design and manufacturing, your original custom plate will be sent directly to the address you have given on your order form.

For the case where you do not want that your personalized license plate be aired and distributed on our online store, the price for this unique original service is €200,00 TTC.

Thank you for the interest to our creations. To see examples of plates click this link.

If you are interested, thanks to our send a message using the form below indicating your wishes.

We will contact you in the following days your message.


    Custom vintage plate is an original concept belonging to GENERATION PIN-UP – legal deposit No. 1754342 – Copyright © 2014-2019