Generation Pin-up adopted from the outset an ecologically responsible and concerned attitude of respect for the environment. To do this, Generation Pin-up chose to focus on material quality and craft methods of manufacturing and Assembly for its products.


For the manufacture of its products, Generation Pin-up chose to focus on the traditional method rather than industrial production. Of course, this choice is not trivial because it imposes cost, quantity and time constraints. But this choice is especially the requirement of originality that Tony Duarte wants to give to his creations and the quality of the articles that Generation pinup proposes on the market.

The Generation Pin-up workshops are small and the production is obviously limited. But it is precisely the size, organization and operation of these structures that allow the teams to Generation Pin-up to manufacture and assemble our truly crafted accessories. Processes are followed to the letter, the quality of the raw material is preserved and the finishing of the products is optimized.


Always in order of demand and quality research, Generation Pin-up uses the technique of direct printing to print its visuals on its accessories. Direct printing is the latest technology in textile printing. This technique is rather used for small and medium series. It allows to print in high quality visuals, whether on white textiles or colorful textiles.

Initially, the flat colors are printed on the canvas to even the textile on a tray. It then passes under heads inkjet to print visuals. Finally, the plateau goes under a heat press in order to dry the ink while setting it on the mesh. The final appearance and rendering are very qualitative because, through this process, printing is directly integrated into the fiber.

In addition to the quality of the result, this direct feel the advantage of maintaining a good life expectancy of colors, even after many washings machine at 30 °..


“Full flower” leathers used by Generation Pin-up for the manufacture of its accessories are processed naturally. These leather tanning is achieved following processes using tannins of vegetable origins, no chrome, no heavy metals. The applied tints are without dye azo.

This treatment allows to preserve the natural character of the skin and maintain its durability. It also allows to exclude the risk of allergies.

Through this process, Generation Pin-up confirms once again its willingness to actively participate in the preservation of our environment.


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