Election of miss Pinup Occitania

Our GENERATION PINUP brand is proud to have been June 30, 2018 is one of the partners of this exceptional evening for the election of Miss pinup L’Occitane.

Remarks collected by Miss pinup France 2018.

It is with immense emotion that last Saturday, I yielded my place of Miss pinup Occitania in our pretty Kiztelle Siguier.

A moment of joy, since this election took place in the Cabaret of Sète as last year. A lot of memories… after many months of work in the preparation of this event that exceeded anything I could have hoped.

First of all congratulations to our Miss Siguier Kiztelle and its 2 dauphines Sorez Jeanne and Nanou Thuries. As well as the 14 other candidates. I am extremely proud of you. Your outfits, your shows worked on and think about it and especially your attitude: smile, joy, mutual assistance, kindness and no jealousy. This is what most characterizes for me the pin-up. So you have all your place in this world. Bravo to you! You all made me cry with joy!

I can’t thank enough the fate of having placed in my path 3 bits of women who have become like sisters to me. With each their personality (what did our strength) I mean of course my acolytes Frédérique Delsaut – Pinout Sandra Napoleone Bouzer and Millie bee without whom all these elections, this adventure and these victories would never have been as beautiful and memorable. Have nicknamed us the “fantastic 4”, and I believe that our greatest strength is the love that it is worn from day 1 without even knowing.

I wish from the bottom of my heart to our winners the same fate.

And then there are all those who have made their contribution to the building. Thanks to them this election to taken another direction.
So thank you to all of our gift partners.
-To those who did live the small market vintage by their stand.
-To each Member of the jury – at our photographers to capture all these moments.
-Philippe for his availability and for we have opened the doors of his cabaret again. A magical place for a magical election.

I keep my national Crown at the moment but I spend my regional Crown with emotion and joy because I know the Occitan future is largely assured.

Thanks to all who gave us the great honour to do many kilometres to attend has this election. And to all those I could have forgotten in this message.

Signed a L’Occitane Miss proud of his region.

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