Generation Pinup is a concept created and filed in 2014 by Tony Duarte. The original idea and the creative work consisted of transpose the universe of the pin-up operating in the atmosphere of the 50’s and 60’s directly in the 21st century by keeping the charm and personality that made its success.


Generation Pinup sells fashion accessories with the effigy of the signed pin-up Tony Duarte. These original creations are distributed under the brand names Generation Pinup and St. Barth Pinup. The character of the pin-up, charm, elegance and beauty, is put in situation on each of the articles proposed by the brand.

Generation Pinup sells also in exclusivity an original collection of clothing and items (dresses, bandannas, ribbons, etc.) vintage style signed Tony Duarte.

Finally, eager to satisfy the greatest number, Generation Pinup offers enthusiasts a series of various objects related to the spirit of the 50’s and 60’s.


Generation Pinup is the fruit of the passion, the passion of Tony Duarte for the 50’s and 60’s years. Since his early childhood Tony Duarte has always loved the atmosphere, music, cars and fashion of this crazy period. To share this passion with the largest number, what’s more natural for Tony Duarte to choose the pin-up, the symbol is of this time gone but more than never worship in the hearts of the fans.

Plunging with delight in his memories, its archives and documents of the time, Tony Duarte began a long research work on the colors, materials and fabrics used in the 50′s and 60′s in 2012. Once this work is completed, Tony Duarte uses then his creativity and his many experiences in digital technologies to draw his own vision of the pin-up. It optimizes maximum rendering of the aesthetics of the models, the accuracy of Colorimetry and the design of the pin-up visuals, giving so both its former glory and a true modernity.

Tony Duarte finalizes in 2014 the final planks of the pin-up. Made visuals are then used to create the first collection of Generation Pinup brand accessories.


Throughout the manufacturing process, Generation Pinup ensures strict compliance with the procedures laid down and remains very attentive to the quality of the materials used for the Assembly of items made by hand.